About the David Bohm Society

The David Bohm Society exists to inventory, preserve and promote David Bohm’s work and to explore and realize his proposals. It is our desire to have as much of Bohm's work as possible released into the public domain and archived at the Internet Archive. The David Bohm Society was founded in December of 2012 by Matthew Capowski.

The David Bohm Society has its roots in a previous project that was started in 2007, the Thought Knowledge Perception Institute, that explored proposals about what thought is doing to the world. This 2007 project ultimately resulted in the David Bohm Society being created.

There is an urgency to making Bohm's work more visible. It has extraordinary relevance to the future of humanity and our collective capacity to clear up the incoherence in thought and culture. This incoherence is perpetually creating the crises and difficulties that humanity continues to face.

Visit the David Bohm Society Projects page for more information about our current activities.

The David Bohm Society is currently operated by:

Matthew Capowski (Founder/Executive Director): Matthew's education is in psychology and he has spent most of his career working in child protection. Matthew encountered Bohm and Krishnamurti as a teenager and began to pursue their proposals seriously starting in 2002. Matthew started an organization in 2007 that eventually lead to and was replaced by this organization.

Igor Topilsky (Director): Igor has extensively explored group dialogue as envisioned by David Bohm along with the question of culture and its capacity to facilitate and inhibit dialogue. More recently Igor has focused on advanced metacognition and education.

Ilja Oks (Director): Ilja's interest is the practical realization of Bohm's work, which for him involves Bohm dialogue as a well as physical locations dedicated to exploring the proposals.

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