David Bohm Society Projects

The following is a list of projects we are presently working on. This list is in no particular order. The success of these projects, and those projects of others who are exploring thought, depend on the participation and support of anyone interested enough in these proposals. Please participate and support the work anyway you can.

Realizing The Proposals

Bohm's work needs to be lived, experimented with, carried out in a creative community, and there needs to be a space in which people are really free to explore and live in a different way. Preserving Bohm's work and making it more available will have little meaning if there are not enough serious people who come together in person to really explore the proposals.


Bohm's legacy deserves preservation and his proposals deserve serious attention. His proposals are still some of the most coherent guidance that humanity has for addressing our shared incoherence and for getting off the very dangerous course we are on.

Thus this society was created to honour Bohm's legacy and to make his work more available to everyone along with a space for all of us to explore together. Most importantly, we aim to realize the proposals and create living examples of them.

The Together First Project

The Together First Project aims to realize the proposals made by David Bohm, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and others that participation together is fundamental and the perception of our togetherness is more important than a shared goal. Visit our page about the Together First Project for more information.

David Bohm Video

We are presently working on a video that provides an outline of David Bohm's proposals. This video will likely be released on Youtube.

Virtual Participation Space

The work must be carried out in person, but of course the internet provides a unique medium to engage with others. We will create a virtual space so that all the people around the globe who are exploring thought and Bohm's and related proposals can meet together in a virtual space. This space will involve a variety of mediums such as discussion forums, email lists, Skype, and so forth.

Inventory and Archive

We continuously search for material by David Bohm and those people who may have access to Bohm's work. Our ideal is to have as much of Bohm's work as possible freely available on the Internet Archive. We have been successful in locating and transcribing and digitizing several important pieces of Bohm's work. The David Bohm Society has its own archive but the David Bohm Papers remains the largest public archive of Bohm's work.

Bohm Dialogue Handbook

Bohm's vision of dialogue was integral to his starting point of how to face our current shared problems and to take the first steps towards a coherent culture. Bohm's words on the subject of dialogue are spread across various books, videos, audio recordings, and interviews. We aim to create a handbook to be of aid to anyone, anywhere attempting dialogue.

Thought Is at the Source Network

The Bohm Society, and any group, are limited. What we all do together is far more important than any of the scaffolding. All of the individuals, groups, and organizations exploring what thought is doing to the world and related areas should have some common space and infrastructure that allows to work and share with each other. Please contact us if you would like to participate in this network.

Bohm's Work in Science and Philosophy

The David Bohm Society has intentionally focused on Bohm's work as it pertains to the source of humanity's difficulties. However, we would like to have a more complete representation of Bohm's work and therefore we are presently seeking out the involvement of scientists familiar with Bohm's work to help us improve the science and philosophy sections of our website.


We need more resources and capital to carry out all of the work. Please do contact us if you have ideas about how we can go about fund-raising or if you want to contribute directly.


This is not on our immediate radar, but it is a long term goal to hold a David Bohm / Exploring What Thought is Doing to the World conference.