A New Biography of David Bohm

Olival Freire Jr., a physics professor, has written a biography about Bohm. This biography focuses more on Bohm as a scientist and physicist. The following is a quote from the author last year:

“I am now working on an old project, a new biography of David Bohm. This project was first thought of almost twenty years ago when Basil Hiley, Bohm’s long-time assistant, dissatisfied with Bohm’s biography by F. David Peat suggested I write a second biography. Hiley was dissatisfied because the biography did not pay enough attention to Bohm’s scientific ideas, instead it had focused too much on the details of Bohm’s personal life. We met each other at the University of São Paulo at a workshop dedicated to David Bohm and with Michel Paty we were both lunching at the Physics Institute when the suggestion was made. At that time the idea did not grab me as I had other plans at the time. I love reading biographies but I also feared writing one due to the difficulties intrinsic to this kind of historical work. Then in 2015 when my quantum Dissidents was published I was approached by the publisher to write a biography of one of these dissidents. I decided the time was ripe for the challenge and Bohm was the natural candidate.”