Basil Hiley

Basil Hiley was the co-author to David Bohm's last book The Undivided Universe.

Hiley is considered as the main individual continuining Bohm's work in physics. Hiley is a quantum physicist and professor emeritus of physics at Birckbeck, University of London and a long time coworker and collabarator with David Bohm. In 2012 Hiley was awareded the Majorana Medal for "best person in physics". From the University of London website:

"He [Basil Hiley] was awarded the prize for his fundamentals contribution to Theoretical Physics, in particular for the Algebraic Approach to Quantum Mechanics which has made possible a deeper understanding of non-locality and the Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theories' connections. In addition to his achievements, his paramount importance as natural philosopher, his critical and open minded attitude towards the role of science in contemporary culture were also recognised."

Hiley has an Academic website and a list of publications under the title of "Algebraic Structures in Quantum Theory".