David Bohm Society Projects

The following is a list of projects that we are presently working on or have in queue.

The success of these projects depend on enough serious people getting together and working on them. We need the support of the community. Please join us in our efforts and participate in any way you can.

The Together First Project

The Together First Project aims to realize the proposals made by David Bohm, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and others that participation together is fundamental and the perception of our togetherness is more important than a shared goal. Visit our page about the Together First Project for more information.

Bohm’s proposals need to be realized. There needs to be living examples of them. They must be experimented with, modified, extended, and learned from. Ultimately we must creatively go beyond them and find out what works.

While preserving and making available Bohm’s work is obviously important, it will be of limited significance if we don’t ultimately realize his proposals about thought, knowledge, culture, coherence, and dialogue.

Main components of the Together First Project include:

-While the most important work must be carried out in-person, the internet provides us a unique opportunity to create a virtual meeting and discussion space for those interested in proposals about what thought is doing to the world. Thus we have a mailing list (formerly a forum) to discuss the activities of the David Bohm Society, of which this project is the current main focus.

-A replicable blueprint needs to be created to get the ball rolling for various chapters of the Together First Project located in different parts of the world. These chapters will serve as a conduit for people to learn more about David Bohm’s proposals. Additionally, these chapters will also form the basis of pre-dialogue groups.

-We can’t all do the same thing. Different things need to be tried and then we need to meet and discuss what works and what doesn’t. Natural differences will be introduced on account of different locations and participants. There will also be the creative freedom for different approaches and experimentation.

-There must be physical spaces where people can go to learn about the proposals, even if these spaces are very small and makeshift. Ideally these places would also offer someone to speak to about the proposals.

David Bohm Videos

We are presently working on a video that provides an outline of David Bohm's proposals about thought and culture. This video will likely be released on Youtube. There are several other videos after that one that we would additionally like to create.

Preserve and Disseminate

Bohm's legacy deserves preservation and his proposals deserve serious attention. His proposals are still some of the most coherent guidance that humanity has for addressing our shared incoherence and for getting off the very dangerous course we are on.

Thus this society was created to honour Bohm's legacy and to make his work more available to everyone.

We continuously search for material by David Bohm and those people who may have access to Bohm's work. Our ideal is to have as much of Bohm's work as possible freely available on the Internet Archive. We have been successful in locating and transcribing and digitizing several important pieces of Bohm's work. Some people have also found us and supplied material that we were grateful to receive and then make available.

You can also visit our YouTube channel to see material we have released.

Bohm Dialogue Website and Handbook

Bohm's vision of dialogue was integral to his starting point of how to face our current shared problems and to take the first steps towards a coherent culture. Bohm's words on the subject of dialogue are spread across various books, videos, audio recordings, and interviews. We aim to create a website and a handbook to be of aid to anyone, anywhere attempting dialogue.

The Together First Network

The David Bohm Society, and any group, are limited. What we all do together is far more important than any of the scaffolding. All of the individuals, groups, and organizations exploring what thought is doing to the world and related areas should have some common space and infrastructure that allows to work and share with each other. Additionally, groups in different domains who ultimately share similar aims and goals need to come together and support each other as well. Bohm's proposals about dialogue and communication provide important hints at how to bring such groups together. This project will be put on hold until there is further development on the initial stages of the Together First Project.

Our society is not the only one to have proposals about transforming culture. Some interesting proposals have also come out of transpersonal psychology and other areas. These various proposals need to be brought together in a single place and be compared to each other.

Bohm's Work in Science and Philosophy

The David Bohm Society has intentionally focused on Bohm's work as it pertains to the source of humanity's difficulties. However, we would like to have a more complete representation of Bohm's work and therefore we are presently seeking out the involvement of scientists familiar with Bohm's work to help us improve the science and philosophy sections of our website.


We need more resources and capital to carry out all of the work. We are grateful for any donations to our Patreon page. Please do contact us if you have ideas about how we can go about fund-raising or if you want to support us in that.


This is not on our immediate radar, but it is a long term goal to hold a David Bohm / Exploring What Thought is Doing to the World conference.